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About Us

About Us

At Earthy Harvest we recognize the need and demand to create and expand natural and innovative organic food products with additional health benefits to every individual. 

Inspired by nature, Earthy Harvest is a one stop shop for 100% pure and natural products sourced directly from farmers, vendors, food processors and other all –natural product brands from across the Indian sub-continent.  Our credo is to offer products in their natural state while at the same time making them convenient for the consumers. 

We believe in creating a market for these natural treasures, thereby creating jobs for these producers and helping us all live a more sustained and natural lifestyle. With a myriad of products, we bring you the very best at the most affordable prices.


  • We aspire to support organic, natural, sustainable practices that transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent and socially-responsible business that serve and protect Mother Nature.


  • The world is filled with untouched natural treasures and our aim at Earthy Harvest is to make that accessible to every individual.


Ethical Business Practices

Build and maintain the highest ethical standards in our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.

Corporate Values

Integrity, self-responsibility, social responsibility, environment sustainability, equality, honesty, openness, caring for others.


Uphold to product selection criteria by providing a wide range of organic and natural foods and products.

Financial responsibility

Conducting our corporate activities in a financially sustainable manner.